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Geoffrey Carter, founder of Carter & Associates
Geoffrey Carter, founder of Carter & Associates
Zhenyong Ji, consultant for Carter & Associates
Zhenyong Ji, consultant for Carter & Associates

Proactive & Solutions-Orientated Law


Founded in 1995 by Geoffrey Carter, Carter & Associates Inc. offers a modern, solutions-orientated approach to law.

Carter & Associates provides an international service – specifically to The People’s Republic of China. The firm has put a number of deals together for Chinese companies wanting to invest in South Africa and who have subsequently appointed Geoffrey as a non-executive director of their South African entities.

Carter&Associates Inc.由Geoffrey Carter于1995年成立,致力于提供以解决方案为导向的现代法律服务。


Zhenyong (Daniel) Ji holds a dual Bachelor's degree in Law and Literature from Shandong University and a Master's degree in Civil and Commercial Law from Tongji University.

He served as Project Manager, Senior Manager and Deputy General Manager of the Investment Banking department of China Investment Corporation Securities Co., Ltd; and currently serves as Assistant to the President of Ningbo Construction Engineering Co., Ltd; as well as Director and General Manager of Anglorand Securities Limited and its subsidiaries.


现任宁波建工股份有限公司总裁助理,南非安兰证券有限公司(Anglorand Securities Limited)及下属各公司董事、总经理等职。

Our Solutions


Carter & Associates Inc. provides a solutions-orientated approach, rather than a problem-focused one.

The firm has a strong focus on mediating litigious matters, rather than going to court. The emphasis is placed on finding common ground and cooperation between parties and clients that seek professional legal services from the firm.

Carter&Associates Inc.提供以解决方案为导向的服务,而非单纯针对问题进行研究。

相较而言,本公司更重视调解诉讼事务,而非直接上法庭对峙。 我们重点关注寻求专业法律服务的各方和客户,旨在与他们找到共同点并开展合作。

Annual Golf Day


The Prestigious Annual Carter & Associates Golf Day is held each year in November. Clients come from across South Africa to play in this event.

众望所归的Carter & Associates年度高尔夫球日于每年11月举行。来自南非各地的客户可以共襄盛举。

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